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Confusing time

Hi mum how was Reading? It was today you went to Reading wasn’t it?

Yes it was ……fine thanks.

Did you drive your car?


But your car was still here

No I drove my car what other car would I have driven?

But you have a small tiger in the window and your reg no is *******

Yes….and I drove it today

But it was outside when I went out

It couldn’t have been unless you went out before 6.45

Don’t you mean before 5.45 ?

No I didn’t go until 6.45 …………what were you doing going out at that time?

I swear your car was out by the garages when I went out

Not unless you were up very early…..I assumed you were still in bed when I went. What time did you go ?

Just after 4.30


Oh what time did you get home ?

Just before 4.30

Are you saying you were in when I got home? The front door was locked!

I went out the back way……….you must have been walking up the front path when I was going out the back.


confusion over



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Driving there, there and there

I enjoy driving which is quite a good thing seeing as I am the primary driver in my family. There was a time when my mother took me to places. These days when she needs to go anywhere outside of our little town I drive her.

But because I work full time this means that long journeys take place at weekends or on days I take off from work. My mother aka 56 whilst never a good driver was very independent and would take herself off to all sorts of places. This included long weekends to visit my paternal grandmother in north Gloucestershire. But just under 5 years ago 56 had a knee replacement op. It wasn’t straightforward as she had other problems with her leg apart from the knee joint.  She has not walked more than a few paces without a stick since. I have lost count now but think she has had about 4 different ops on that knee in the eight years since she retired. She is currently able to drive but only short distances.

Visits to my grandmother are now much shorter, often with me driving there and back in one day or perhaps with one overnight stay. She is now in a nursing home (aged 93) so visits have become less frequent. This is partly because my grandmother no-longer knows who we are. It is a long way to drive to spend an hour with someone who thinks we are social workers. I am feeling guilty for not visiting my grandmother more than I have done in recent months.

Another reason I cannot visit her as often is that I also act as chauffeur to my sons. There have been trips to Guildford  where Statto was living/studying. Trips to Southampton where Prodigal was living/studying (he has now moved nearer to home). Statto had to be moved to Sheffield where he began a year’s work experience last month.

Just when I have Prodigal and Statto settled in their new homes along comes the next phase of ‘project empty nest’. Pug has now decided that he also wishes to go to Uni. so starting next week  we begin the University Open Days tour.

Stage one of this current tour begins with a 4 hour drive to Norwich next Friday where we will stay overnight (having dinner with family friends). 56 will be going with us and spending Saturday with these friends while I spend 6 hours with Pug at University of East Anglia before the 3 of us make the 4 hour journey home ……guess who will be driving.

Stage two comprises of a 2.5 hr drive at the crack of dawn on Saturday  8th October to University of Kent (Canterbury) 6 hrs on campus and 2.5 hrs drive home (just the two of us this time). I might resort to takeaway for dinner that night as I shall have to be in bed early.

Stage three quickly follows stage two in that we will have to leave home at 6.00am to drive to University of Herfordshire  (Hatfield) ready for a 9am start on Sunday 9th October. Once we have spent 6 hours there and have done the 2 hour drive back home I will probably fall into bed without dinner……will have to be alert for work next day as we are going to be one short in the office due to annual leave.

So that is the next two weekends taken care of will I get to have a rest the following weekend, of course not. I shall be finishing work at 4pm on Friday 14th October and heading straight off to Eastbourne, I hope the traffic won’t be bad as dinner in the hotel restaurant is at 6.30  that night. It is the area Rotary conference weekend. Last year I accompanied 56 to the conference in Jersey, this year it is Eastbourne. There will be entertainment in the conference hotel on Friday night. I may or may not go to some of the many talks on Saturday then it is the gala dinner in the evening. Back home again some time on Sunday.

Just in time for another hard week at work while I deputise for my senior colleague on his week off. I think Statto will be home the following weekend for his 21st. I think I then get two weekends free before stage 4 is the long trek up to Stoke on Friday 11 November. for University of Staffordshire.

Maybe I might find time to see ‘ the man who kissed me‘ eventually.

Oh and somewhere along the line will be the open evenings for local colleges that Skater needs to visit. That basically means every college within 20 miles of here.

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Today I grounded skater ……….nothing unusual about that you might think after all he is 15 1/2. But it is the first time I have ever grounded him. He hasn’t done anything to make me angry, but this is something that can’t be ignored.

I guess I shall start with the text message I received yesterday……..

        my skateboard has snapped!

maybe your shoes will last longer now!

Since I had bought him a skateboard 5 months ago he has gone through so many shoes even the triple stitched skateboarding shoes!!

I want the one Prodigal’s mate is selling 

All my boys are very aware that my financial situation doesn’t often stretch to things like that. It is always a case of just about scraping through from one month to the next. I did not discuss the possibility of a new skateboard with Skater but I did discuss it with Statto while we talked later in the evening. Statto is living alone in Sheffield so I have been talking to him most evenings just so that he hears a friendly voice when he is not at work. I told Statto that if Skater wants another skateboard he will have to ask his other parent.

Today I was checking my bank balance before work to make sure I have enough to get petrol or I shall be in trouble. I noticed a bounced direct debit from the mobile company for £158 !!!!

I spoke to Skater ……it was his phone bill his contract is for £15.50 per month so how had he managed to get it to £158!!! He had merely got carried away as it is the school holidays, he has a girlfriend and several other new friends. He hasn’t figured out how to keep a check on how many text messages he was sending.  I am not mad with him but need to figure out how this bill can be paid. How we can prevent this from happening again.

Having told him he is grounded and giving him some chores to do I informed Pug that Skater is grounded and let me know if he goes out. I did not tell him why Skater has been grounded. Pug had an interview at a store in the town where I work and he attends college today. I met him after work to give him a lift home.

He talked about the phone bill, Skater had told him. Later in the evening Pug told me that he had talked to Statto. Statto has said he will buy a new skateboard for his brother to help me out.


  Because I told him about the phone bill


Not long ago I had a phone call from Prodigal (he wants to borrow my car for a while tomorrow evening). Towards the end of the conversation he said that he heard about the phone bill.


  Statto told me

Apparently they have cooked up a plan that Prodigal will buy his friend’s skateboard (if it is still for sale), then Statto will give him the money for it when he gets paid.

So without me saying anything to any of them they have set a plan in motion.

I can’t believe I told Skater about the phone bill

Skater told Pug

Pug told Statto

Statto told Prodigal.

This doesn’t sort out the phone bill but I have a lovely mother who has offered to help with that but I did’t tell any of my boys that. But Skater will be mobile again soon and that is all down to his brothers.

Once again I am proud of my young men 🙂

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smart kids

It has been a rather exhausting week for me so no time or energy for blogging. But there has also been a rather momentous event in the life of my family. An event that has been building up for the last two years. It has always been on the cards that I would be attending the evening in question. About 2 months ago my two youngest sons were requested to be a part of the evening. The other two both being away at University. Then about 3 weeks ago it became apparent that Statto would be home from Uni. We couldn’t leave him out, table plans were altered to make room for him.

The biggest question in my mind was how on my very limited budget would I get all three lads suitably dressed for the occasion. Statto and Pug have both had suits to wear for their school proms a few years ago. But Statto has lost a lot of weight in the last 6 months and had to buy new clothes several sizes smaller. His suit would fit none of them. Skater has been on work experience this week in a clothes shop maybe he could find something there.  Because the teachers were on strike on Thursday the college Pug attends was shut for the day, it was also my payday. I transferred money into Skater’s bank account and arranged for Statto and Pug to meet Skater at lunch time.

But as luck would have it I was poking around in Skater’s wardrobe on Wednesday evening and found a suit bag hanging up. I asked what was wrong with the suit inside, it was an Italian suit from M & S still with labels intact. (my ex works there) Not one of them knew it was there or even noticed it!! It was a perfect fit for Skater but it was also a perfect fit for Statto. Eventually it was agreed that Statto would wear it. I later found a pair of black trousers and jacket that were just slightly big for Skater, with a belt these would be fine. So in the end it was just new shoes for both Skater and Statto that were needed.

By the time I had picked Skater up on my way home from work Statto and Pug were already dressed waiting for their Grannie to collect them. This meant that Skater and I could get ready without them getting in our way. 30 minutes later we were also on our way to the local golf club. Where we joined the rest of the family at our table (the top table no less). This was the first formal dinner any of my boys had attended (I don’t include school proms as I doubt there was much decorum) All three lads managed to have sensible conversations with the people the were sat beside.

For this particular evening I was an extremely proud mother and daughter. Proud of my handsome sons (my one regret being that Prodigal was not there also) and proud of my mother as she was installed as the new President of our local Rotary club.

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